• Classroom Expectations


    Classroom Expectations


    • Come to class prepared with pencil, Chromebook, notebook, and agenda book
    • Complete homework on time and show work 
    • Complete 1 hour of Mobymax Math Lessons each week 
    • Study for tests and quizzes
    • Keep and maintain an organized notebook
    • Cooperate and participate in class                            
    • Late work will only be accepted if due to an absence or a special circumstance
    • I do not allow or accept extra credit work for a student to pull up his  or her grade.  It is not fair to the students who consistently put forth the effort and work hard each rating period.
    • If you are absent, make sure to find out what you missed, complete it, and give it to me in a timely manner
    • If you have a question, please ask
    • If you need extra help, please see me

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