• Assessment


         Homework will be checked daily for completion.  Each assignment is worth 2 points.  Completion means that all problems, minus a few (three at most), are complete.  Homework is worth 15% of the quarterly grade.


         Quizzes will be given frequently.  Quizzes are usually given at the conclusion of two or three sections in a chapter.  Quizzes are generally worth 20 - 40 points.

         Tests will be given at the conclusion of a chapter or several sections.  Tests will always be announced at least several days before they are given and we will always review prior to the test.  Tests are generally worth 100 points.

    Together, quizzes and tests comprise 80% of the quarterly grade.


         Notebooks will be checked once near the conclusion of each marking period.  Students will receive a notebook scoring guide one week prior to the due date.  The notebook is worth 25 points.  Any notebook that is turned in one day late will lose 5 points.  After one day late, notebooks will no longer be accepted for credit.  The notebook is worth 5% of the quarterly grade.  You can view a sample scoring guide on this website.

    Activities or Projects:

         Activities or projects will count as a quiz grade.  General information and requirements will be distributed in advance.