• Sample Notebook Scoring Guide



    Sample Notebook Scoring Guide


    Name ________________________________________  Period _____ Rating Period _____  





    _____/ 5 pts.        Organization:            Are your section notes together and in order?


    Do you have the homework together?


    Do you have your Problems of the Day together?


    Do you have your Write-On Prompts together?



    _____/ 4 pts.        Neatness:                 Are your notes legible?

                                                              Is overall appearance good?

                                                              Are the papers securely in the binder rings?



    _____/ 16 pts.       Completeness:          Do you have your notebook scoring guide?


                                                               Do you have all of the notes completed thus far?


                                                               Do you have at least 5 Problems of  the Day?


                                                               Do you have your completed Write-On    Prompts?


                                                              Do you have most of the homework assignments?



    _____/ 25 pts.                                   Grade:         ______ %, ______


    Notebooks are due: Friday, October 29th


    One day late is minus 5 points. Notebooks will not be accepted for credit after Monday, November 1st.