• To download Type to Learn please click the link below to go to the download page. The download does take about 30 minutes, computer dependent. Make sure you click on "Full Version" under "Student" and also I would click "Save" not "Open" so you can see where you are saving it.

    **Once you have downloaded you will need to login using the following information**
    Username: Atowne
    Password: welcome
    Account Code: 104435

    Once you / your student login with the master account information you can log out and then you / your student should be able to login as yourself.

    This is a zipped file, if you don't have anything to unzip it, click here (this is from our Matt Daubenspeck, our Systems and Network Administrator)

    If you have dial up (or another type of slower connection) and can't download it I do have it available on flash drives for you to install to your computer.

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    Updated 8/31 (the prior link works and is what the company recommends, however, I found this link to work better).