13 septiembre

  • Español II

    Today we practiced with numbers and did a listening activity using numbers.  We uploaded our voicethreads on the wiki.  We completed our animal packet and our numbers packet.

    Post your voicethread here:


    The login for the  wiki is "arriba".  The password is "holahola".
    Make sure you elect to share your voicethread before uploading it.

    Español III
    Refran:  Más vale párajo en mano que cien volando.

    We practiced with numbers again and finished talking about El gato gordo.  We started discussing topics related to technology (p. 21 of the book).  We completed book exercises to practice verb conjugations (pp. 9, 11) and talked about verb forms in the preterite.  Make sure you review the rules for the preterite on pp. 16-17 prior to completing the homework.