Aprender otro idioma/Learning a Language

  • Do you know how to ride a bike?  Cook?  Use a computer?  Are you good at it?  Think about how you learned to do those things?  Do you read a book about it?  Was that enough?  Probably not.  To truly master these activities you had to practice, practice, practice!

    Language is much the same.  In Spanish class, we practice using the language in a number of ways.  We read the language, we listen to the language, we speak the language and we write the language.  We start small, then build up from there.  We practice, practice, practice!

    We will practice a number of ways in class.  We will do worksheets, we will create dialogues, we will listen to music, we might write songs or poems and we will talk.  Students will also practice outside of class, through homework and projects.

    You will not learn a language over night.  Students will learn the basic workings of the language in Spanish 1 and 2 and build on those in Spanish 3 and 4.  Students at levels 3 and 4 will be able to understand many native speakers and have conversations in Spanish. 

    To continue progressing in Spanish will take more effort.  Watch Univisión or Telemundo to see programming in Spanish.  Listen to music on www.batanga.com.  Volunteer at a local hospital or nursing home and work with Spanish speakers.  Travel, be an exchange student.  And don't be afraid to try!