1.  Where can I access a meal application for my child/children? 

    2.  Must all my children be on a different application?

    3.  How will I know if they have been approved?

    4.  Am I responsible for meal charges prior to being approved for the meal program?

    5.  Are snacks and other ala carte items covered in the meal program?

    6.  Must I use the on line payment system K12?

    7. Can I only use the K12 payment system to check balances and to have email notices sent?

    7.  When are balance due letters sent home to families?

    6.  Can I pay with a check or cash?

    7.  Can I pay for all of my children with one check?

    8.  Where does my childs left over $ Money go at the end of the school year?

    9.  What happens to Seniors if they have a balance at the end of their Sr. Year?

    10.  How do I ask for a refund of funds on my childs account?

    11. What if my child forgets his or her lunch money?

    12. Can my child buy snacks and milk if they pack lunch?

    13. Can my child by snacks and ala carte items is they have a negitive lunch account balance?


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