1. Where can I access a meal application for my child/children? ( each household must fill out a new meal application every school year, uless you have recieved a  letter from the school district that you have been pre approved through the Department of Welfare and Human Services.


    2.  Must all my children be on a different application?

    • NO all children need to be on one application

    3.  How will I know if they have been approved?

    • You will receive a letter from the Food Servce Department informing you of the results of your application

    4.  Am I responsible for meal charges prior to being approved for the meal program?

    • Yes

    5.  Are snacks and other ala carte items covered in the meal program?

    • No  

    6.  Must I use the on line payment system K12?

    • No but it is highly recommended ( automatic payment options, email notifications, balance reminders, lunch activity, etc.)

    7. Can I only use the K12 payment system to check balances and to have email notices sent?

    • Yes, the K-12 payment system allows you to check balances 24/7, 365 days a year.  It will also email you reminders for low balances and automatic payment alerts

    7.  When are balance due letters sent home to families?

    • Monthly, the balance due letter are sent to households that have charged 5 or more lunches.

    6.  Can I pay with a check or cash?

    • Yes, we prefer  a check made out to the NWLSD Food Service Dept ( please include Student ID #)

    7.  Can I pay for all of my children with one check?

    • Yes, please write the Student ID #'s or full names so we can determine the distribution of funds

    8.  Where does my childs left over $ Money go at the end of the school year?

    • The funds will carry over with your child into the next school year/grade

    9.  What happens to Seniors if they have a balance at the end of their Sr. Year?

    • Students are encouraged to use the funds in thier account prior to the end of the school year, All funds are transferred to siblings,  if there is not a sibling, Parents/Guardians are issued a district board check for any remaining balances over $5.00.

    10.  How do I ask for a refund of funds on my childs account?

    • In writing, with an parent or guardian signature. Or an email from your active email account

    11. What if my child forgets his or her lunch money?

    • The Food Service Department allows a student to charge a meal at all grade levels

    12. Can my child buy snacks and milk if they pack lunch?

    • Yes 

    13. Can my child by snacks and ala carte items is they have a negitive lunch account balance?

    • ONLY WITH CASH!!!   Students will have to have cash on hand to do this.  We do not allow students to charge snacks or ala carte items if they have a negitive balance


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