Dear Parents and Guardians:

    The Pennsylvania Department of Education has approved the use of Flexible Instructional Days (FIDs) for the Northwestern Lehigh School District through June 2026. This program will allow students to receive instruction from home on days when the school is closed due to inclement weather or another emergency. The state will count this as a full school day, and we will not have to make it up during the school year. 

    We have been approved to use up to five (5) days this school year. Please note that not every inclement weather day will result in the use of a Flexible Instructional Day. The use of these days will be determined on a case-by-case basis. 

    When the District designates a Flexible Instructional Day due to weather or an emergency, you will be notified via phone alert, news stations, district website, and social media. 

    Learner expectations on a Flexible Instructional Day:

    • Check the teacher’s websites or announcements in Seesaw, Google Classroom, or Canvas to access assignment information. Teachers may schedule times to provide instruction or check in with students during the day as needed. Alternatively, teachers may provide copies of work instead of an electronic assignment.

    • Complete the assignments and instructional activities assigned by each teacher by the expected due dates. Teachers will ask students to complete and submit a check-in activity at some time during the FID day to track attendance.

    • Contact the teacher if there are questions or concerns. Students will have a three-day window to finalize assignments given and worked on during the FID in case internet access is unavailable or more support is needed. This window will begin upon return from the FID. 

    Additional information about the Flexible Instructional Days is included in the Frequently Asked Questions document (attached) and is also found on our district website. If you have any questions about the use of these days, please contact your building principal or me. We believe that with your support, the use of Flexible Instructional Days will educationally benefit our students and provide a better alternative for student make-up days at the end of the year.


    Jennifer L. Holman

    Superintendent of Schools