25 septiembre

  • Español III

    Today we took a quiz, then as students completed the quiz we worked on the tasks below.  If you did not finish in class, they are due Monday.

    Find a picture of something interesting about San Sebastian Spain or another city close by.  Post the picture to the "wall" with your name and a brief explanation of the picture.  You may not use a picture used by another student.

    After your have posted your picture, please complete the following:

    Pretend that you are visiting a city in Spain and you are sending a postcard to your parents.


    Write a postcard to them on Google Slide describing your trip so far. Include the following:


    What city you visited (look online for a city in Spain that interests you).

    Three activities you did there based on information you find out about the city

    Information about your return to the United States, including: the flight number,

    at what time the flight will arrive, where you will arrive and that you are excited about returning to the United States and home.

    Make one slide for the picture, another slide for your message.  Make sure to share it with me at carnahant@nwlehighsd.org.


    Search the Web to find a photograph to illustrate your postcard.

    Do not use any online translation site
    !  The best online dictionary is wordreference.com.  When you use it you should be entering just one word.  Make sure you read the possibilities closely so you choose the correct word.  If you enter more than one word you are using an online translator, which is cheating. 

    Español II
    We practiced with the kitchen and house vocabulary, then did a writing assignment.  As students completed the writing, they worked on a page about cities with Spanish names and what they mean.

    Español IV
    After answering some questions, students took the quiz.  This took most of the class.