1 octubre

  • Español III

    Today we worked with the conditional tense, students talking in groups about what they would do under certain conditions.  Students then read about the 24-hour clock and recorded a dialogue converting time from 24 hour to 12 hour time. We also read an article about a special flight and answered questions about it.

    Español II

    Today we practiced more with direct object pronouns, then read about Mexico, completing a packet we received in class.  We also practiced the new vocabulary using quizlet.

    Español IV

    Read the article about the hispanic population in the United States (only to the section entitled El caso de Venezuela) and answer questions (attached) about the article (oraciones completas no son necesarias).

    Then use the computers to do some brief research to find out why people from the various countries came to the US as they have.  For the most part a specific historic event in the country of origin caused this mass exodus to happen.  Also include information about where this group may have settled in the United States and how it is doing overall in the US.  As indicated below, prepare an explanation in your own words and comprehensible to your classmates about this:

                    Emilia México                     Sarah - Puerto Rico                  

                   Carina Cuba                         Sam - El Salvador

                    Nat Republica Dominicana    Elizabeth - Guatemala

                   Cody  Colombia                    Alberto - Ecuador

                   Daneen - Argentina                  Isa - Venezuela

    Students are to be prepared with this mini-presentation tomorrow.

    Then you may work on preparing for your presentations.  Please check the attached rubric to refer to as you prepare for this presentation.  Make sure that you are using vocabulary that your peers will understand.

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