19 octubre

  • Español II
    Today we reviewed homework working with comparisons.  We then learned how to form comparisons of equality and practiced with them in class.  We read about arepas (p. 237).  In period 4 we did a number review activity.

    Español III
    Today we took the quiz on the forms of the imperfect.  Then we reviewed the uses of the preterite and the imperfect and did a quick practice activity in English to contrast the two tenses. 

    We went to the library to do some research for a mini-presentation.  In pairs, students research a country to find out some facts about immigrants from that country.

    The following information was required:

    For your country provide information on your country:
    1.  When did the main wave from that country come from the United States and why
    2.  General facts about immigrants to the US from that country.
    Each of you must give three facts.

    In addition, come up with 5-7 words that we must have in Spanish to be able to talk about immigration.

    Finally, research the number of immigrants that come to the United States legally and illegally each year.  What countries are the most widely represented by immigrants?