21 octubre

  • Español II

    We did activities to review how to form comparisons of equality and inequality as well as superlatives.  We learned about the irregular comparisons in Spanish (section 5 of the packet) and completed exercise I in the packet.

    The class broke into two groups.  One group worked on writing, the other on Internet activities. 

    Those who were working with the Internet did the following:

    Go to http://www.emcp.com/electronic_resource_centers/index.php?GroupID=4778

    You will complete 2 of the 3 activities on this page.  Select the activity and complete it.  After you have filled in all of the spaces, click on Compile Answers.  Then copy and paste this page into a word document.

    When you have completed the two activities, save the word document.  Save it using your last name, first initial, then emcpch6

    For example, if your name is Joe Smith, your word document will be titled:


    Then email that document to me at carnahant@nwlehighsd.org

     Español III

    Today we reviewed talked about Romeo and Juliet, reviewing the preterite and the imperfect.  We worked with preterite and imperfect tenses.  Then we practiced our dialogues for a few minutes.  We went to the library to gather additional information about immigration to share in class on Monday.