10 noviembre

  • Español II
    Today in class we did exercises reviewing the formation of the present progressive tense and its use with adjectives.  Then we went to the library where students had the choice of four activities:

    1.  Label map of Spain
    2.  Answer questions about historical Spain
    3.  Read Chapter 4 of Pobre Ana (see below)
    4.  Study for the quiz Monday.

    Pobre Ana - Read chapter 4 and draw a map of the places that Ana visits.  Label each place (in Spanish) and tell what Ana does there (in a complete sentences in Spanish).  Color your map.  Make sure your map shows the order in which she visits the various places.

    Español III
    Today in class we completed exercises practicing with reflexive verbs in different verb tenses (near future, present progressive) (See exercises 11-14 on pp. 56-57).  Then we went to the library where we were able to work on researching presidential candidates and their views on illegal immigration as well as Obama's plans for illegal immigration.  Students were also able to practice the imperfect tenses using the links below.

    To practice the preterite and imperfect, try the following links:


    Check out this link with lots of stories to practice the two tenses, including Goldilocks and the Three Bears:


    You might also try out these exercises: