14 noviembre

  • Español II
    Today we took the quiz on Chapter 7A.  Then students had time in class to work on answering the questions about Spain and to do the map work.

    Northwestern Lehigh will be celebrating Diversity Days next week. 

    All Spanish classes will be providing food in the cafeteria
    for students on Monday, November 21.  Find a Spanish food (not Mexican) food that you can make and bring to school so that students can sample what you have made. 

    When you bring the food in, make sure it is in a disposable container.

    You will receive an extra credit/homework pass coupon for bringing this in.

    Español III
    Today in class we did exercises to review reflexive verbs and then practiced with the preterite and the imperfect.

    We went to the library so students can post their research on immigration and to start researching recipes for Diversity Days.

    Go to www.tcarnahan.freeforums.org and create an account.  Select the forum entitled La Inmigración and follow the directions.  Make sure you express yourself in Spanish - no English!