28 octubre

  • Español III

    Today we worked with affirmative and negative informal commands and finished the second part of the story and answered questions about it.  We had time to start preparing our presentations for the Day of the Dead altar and were briefly introduced to the imperfect tense which will be used for many of our sentences.

    Español II

    Today we reviewed the homework and did some listening activities regarding food.  We split into two groups; one group worked on comparisons while the other worked on a short "food" project.  (See below).

    Prepare a slide for the food presentation.  For the country that you are responsible for, find a regional dish and four foods that the region is known for.  Include a picture of the foods and dishes with labels in Spanish.  For the regional dish, include the main ingredients.  You will find the link to the google doc on Friday's La clase hoy.  Make sure your images are clear and that they don't have "background". Include your name(s) on the slide that you create.  The slides for the countries are in alphabetical order.

    Español IV

    Today we practiced more with the subjunctive with adverbial clauses, then we discussed the article more.