5 noviembre

  • Español III

    We took the quiz, then finished reading the story.  As students finished reading the story and answering questions about it they practiced informal commands at the link below. (#1-3).

    Español II

    Students worked today on the following:

    1.  Log into conjuguemos.com and select student zone.  Select #52, Preterite:  Regular -ar verbs.  Make at least 40 attempts and achieve at least 90%.  Make sure that you record your results.

    2.  A worksheet to learn how to make comparisons with tanto/como

    3.  A reading activity with vocabulary sentences

    Español IV

    Today students finished making corrections to their compositions, then read about using the subjunctive with adjective clauses.  As students finished up, they researched aspects of the children who crossed the border illegally this summer.