14 noviembre

  • Español III

    Today we took the imperfect quiz, then read about "sopa de iguana."  We learned the basic differences between the preterite and the imperfect, then we heard a story to start working with the two verb tenses.

    Español II

    Today we worked on the following in class:

    1.  Read in your books about the use of "acabar de" (p. 326) and complete the 1/2 page worksheet by the Spanish flat.  When complete, put in the top section of the bin by the file cabinet.

    2.  Create an account on studyspanish.com, following the directions in the Help section of my web page.  Make sure that you add my teacher ID to your profile.

    Then select Grammar, then # 55.  Read about the irregular comparison words.  Complete the Basic Quiz and record the results.  You can only record the results when you achieve 100%.  After you have completed the Basic Quiz, do the Mini Text and record your results.  Make sure you achieve at least 90% before you record those results.

    3.Work on your draft for the cooking project.  Make sure that you review the requirements so that you include all of the requirements (see the homework section of my web page).  The draft is due on Monday.

    Español IV
    Today we spent time working with the subjunctive, then took the quiz; this took most of the class.