20 noviembre

  • Español IV

    Today in class, please complete the following:

    Paella makers - split up your shopping list so that no one person is providing most of the ingredients.  Elizabeth will need a few items to be responsible for.  Sra. can also bring something (sausage or chicken?).  Sra also has saffron in her cupboard - it is very expensive so let her know how much you need so she can provide it.

    Alberto y Cody - Mrs. Wagner has  springform pans in her kitchen so you don't have to worry about the pans that you need.

    1.  In successnetplus, complete the por and para activities (pp. 310-311, A-C).  Some of you have already started this.

    2.  Select a research topic.  Enter your topic on the attached spreadsheet.  All students must have a different topic.  The topic must be related to the Hispanic culture or history.

    3.  Complete the work from the song that they started in class yesterday.  I have attached the papers that Elizabeth needs as she was out.  She may copy the missing words in the lyrics from another student.

    5.  Complete a vocabulary sheet for page 309 of Navegando III (since we will be working with foods next week!  Complete the packet to practice with the new vocabulary. You will find the papers you need by the Spanish flag.

    6.  Prepare a mini-presentation about a food from a Spanish-speaking country that is considered to be a "cure".  Be able to tell in Spanish what the food is, showing a picture of it, tell what country it is from and tell what ailments it is said to cure. You may have to teach a few new vocabulary words to your classmates.

    What you do not finish in class is homework until tomorrow unless indicated by Sra. DeBellis.