21 noviembre

  • Español III

    We spend most of the class working on the assignment below.  As students finished they worked on their presentations.

    You are going to create a mini-presentation on voicethread.com.  You will need to create a free account.

    Upload a picture of your animal, then record your voice telling me the following:

    1.  ¿Qué animal es?

    2.  ¿De dónde es el animal?

    3.  ¿Qué es único de este animal?

    4.  ¿Por qué está en peligro de extinción?

    5.  ¿Cuántos existen ahora?

    6.  ¿Qué hacen las personas para proteger este animal?

    Share your voicethread with me at carnahant@nwlehighsd.org.

    Español II

    Today we took the quiz (chores, comparisons using tan/tanto como, irregular comparisons, preterite of regular verbs and indirect object pronouns. As students finished the quiz, they worked on the cooking show project.

    Español IV

    We spent a lot of time talking about food today.  We presented some of our mini-presentations about foods that cure.