15 diciembre

  • Español II

    Today we did activities to review all structures for the quiz tomorrow.  We practiced with -ar verbs in the past (conjuguemos - see below), indirect object pronouns, and read about chores in Spain on p. 331 of the book.

    Log into conjugues.com and complete the following exercises under Spanish Verbs (along the left side after you log in):

    #8 Regular verbs in the preterite - select all -ar verbs
    #9 Stem and spelling change verbs in the preterite - select only the following verbs:  buscar, empezar, jugar, pagar, tocar.

    Make at least 30 attempts in 30 minutes, receiving at least 90%.  Make sure you record your results (or you will receive a 0 for this assignment).

    After you have finished these read p. 331 in the book and prepare exercise 24.  Then read p. 336 and prepare ex 34.

    Español III
    Today we took the quiz on commands after time for some questions.  We worked on conjugating the present subjunctive (conjuguemos), then learned about using the subjunctive for indirect commands.  We read another page of Medio Pollito.