23 diciembre

  • Español III

    Follow the link below to write a letter to the three kings.

    Español II

    Follow the links below to see the traditions and foods associated with Las Posadas.

    Español IV

    El Gordo:  Most Spanish people keep their fingers crossed for a Christmas windfall, courtesy of the world-renowned lottery draw, El Gordo, literally The Fat One. This is a long, drawn-out event that unfolds on the morning of December 22nd. Ticket numbers in a giant drum are matched to balls with millionaire prizes in a smaller drum. The ticketing system allows people to buy fractions and subfractions of different numbers, décimos and participaciones, with increasing chances of a share in the winnings.

    As the top prizes come out, TV and radio coverage centres on the search for the many winners and for the particular lottery shop where the winning ticket was bought.

    After reading the brief description of El Gordo, view the promotion for this huge lottery (see the link).  Write a story (double-spaced) narrating what happened in the video and turn in your draft in the top shelf of the bin at the back of the room.  Then post on the "wall" what you would do if you won the lottery (Note the use of the imperfect subjunctive and the conditional!); include a picture to illustrate what you write.  Be original - don't write what one of your classmates has already written.