28 enero

  • Español II
    Today we did the oral quiz.  As individual students were tested, the class worked on reading chapter 1 of Casi se muere and present tense verbs on conjuguemos (see below).

    Log into conjuguemos.com and change your settings, selecting me as your teacher and Spanish II as your class.  Then go to Student Zone.  Select exercise #67 - Verbos en el presente.  Complete the sentences  about your classmates.  Then check your responses.  Complete this as many times as necessary until you achieve at least 90%. 

    We reviewed the syllabus and talked about expectations.

    Español III
    We did a listening activity in which Alejandro's mother describes him.  Then we worked with the new vocabulary in Pobre Ana capítulo 1.  We did a sentence completion activity with the vocabulary, then reviewed the syllabus for class.