15 enero

  • Español IV
    While your  peers are testing, review the uses of the subjunctive and practice with it.  First, open the file below and use it to guide your review.  You might want to take notes on it (filling in with specific verbs, etc.).  If you do the Gramatica exercises online, many are graded for you. You might do a sampling of activities in various sections to serve as a reminder of the uses of the subjunctive.

    You might need to practice the present and imperfect subjunctive forms which you can do at conjuguemos.com

    After that, you can select online practices at the link below, selecting from a number of activities (see the menu along the left side of the page for Spanish IV).
    Once you complete that you can also do work in Repaso to review (see activities on back board). There are only ten copies of Repaso so you will need to work with a partner. Make a list of questions that you might need answered or additional practice that you might need to feel more confident with the subjunctive.

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