4 febrero

  • Español II

    Today we took the quiz on the present tense of regular verbs, ser and ir.  We then started reading chapter 3 of Casi se muere. 

    Español III - periodo 2
    We took the quiz, then worked with other irregular preterite verbs.  We finished reading chapter 3 of Pobre Ana and answered questions about it. Students then started working on the project below.

    Create a google slide (make sure you use your Northwestern Google login).  Create a one-page google slide presentation set up like a page in a photo album.  The page must have three pictures of main tourist attractions in Argentina, one of which must be a historical one.  Restaurants or stores/malls are not acceptable.  Each photo must have a caption telling what/where it is (in Spanish - you may need to use the dictionary) and from the perspective of Ana - what she did there (using the "I" form in the past tense). Select a background for the page and make the page attractive.  Photos should be clear and they should include a link under the picture showing where the picture is from.  Students should put their names in the top left of the slide.

    Using Google Drive  - When you have completed the movie log into your Google Drive in the Northwestern Lehigh domain (email is your studentID@student.nwlehighsd.org, password is your H:Drive password twice.  I have shared with you a folder entitled Un viaje a Argentina  to deposit your movie.  You can drag your file into this folder.

    I have shared this folder to all of you; you are required to drop the slide in the folder.

    Note: Do not use on-line translation sites, but it is acceptable to use an on-line dictionary.  By far the best one is wordreference.com.  Make sure that you select the correct part of speech (noun, verb, adjective or adverb) to ensure you select the correct word).  If using a verb you will need to think about subject and tense.  If you are found using an online translation site, you will not receive full credit.  This is considered cheating and plaigerism.

    Español III

    We took the quiz, then students worked with the new vocabulary on quizlet.com.  Students answered the questions about chapter 3 of Pobre Ana and worked briefly with the vocabulary.  Students learned to use the expression "me parece" to offer an opinion.