11 marzo

  • Español II

    Today we worked with the present progressive tense on conjuguemos and we also reviewed homework and did activities to help review the vocabulary in preparation for the quiz tomorrow.

    Español III

    We took the (long!) quiz today.  As student finished the quiz, they did the assignment below:

    Select a celebrity.  Make a google slide which includes a picture of that person and tell who that person is/why he/ she is famous.  Then write five statements about that person as a child, using five different verbs (what did he/she do, what was he/she like, where did he/she live, etc.).  Find out something about that person - if you need to look online, please do so.  You will use the imperfect in your sentences.

    I have shared a folder with you using your school Gmail account.  Accept  that folder into your own (check your account). Then put the slide in the folder that was shared with you.

    This assignment is due on Monday, March 16.