26 marzo

  • Español 2

    Today in class we reviewed the animals and took a quiz. We introduced a new set of animals, filled out our vocabulary sheets and played I-Spy to practice the animal vocabulary. We worked on our dialogues with our partners. We read and discussed "Pobre Ana."

    Español 3

    In class we reviewed giving and following directions using the maps we made. We reviewed the nosotros commands. Homework was checked and reviewed and we practiced identifying parts of "el barrio." We gave directions from school to other places in our neighborhood in partners. We learned new vocabulary about the car in Spanish. We filled out the vocabulary sheets and labeled the parts of the car.

    Español 4

    In class today we created a news article about a creative wedding. We reviewed the vocabulary on "el Festival de cine" and completed Act. 19 on the board and Act. 20 together on pgs. 110 - 112. We worked on our research about los trabajadores migratorios.