Second Grade Highlights

  • Welcome to Second Grade



    Some of the concepts you will be learning this year are:

    • 2 and 3 digit adding and subtracting
    • time
    • money
    • measurement
    • geometry

    Knowing your addition and subtraction facts up to 18 is very important for second grade.


    Language Arts

    This year we will be working on a new writing program as well as a new spelling program.  In writing, you will get the chance to learn about and write friendly letters, personal narratives, descriptive writings, and even some poetry.  You will also get the chance to read many new books this year.



    Science is very exciting in Room 187!  Here are some concepts we will talk about in class:

    • Solids and Liquids
    • Light and Color
    • Interaction of Living Things 
    • Germs Make Me Sick


    Social Studies

    In Social Studies we will cover many interesting topics such as:

    • Our Country Long Ago
    • Our Country Today
    • Our Earth
    • Working Together