Language Arts


    All components of language arts -- reading, writing, spelling, grammar, listening, and speaking -- are integrated throughout the content areas.    

    Whole Group Reading

    There are many interesting stories and articles to read in the Journey's reading series.    We will also be utilizing flexible groups in which the students will read a variety of leveled books throughout the year.  You many be familiar with this guided reading approach from previous years.  The students will be meeting with me a few times a week to read and analyze different texts in a discussion format. 


    Writing is incorporated into all subjects across the curriculum. We write for many different purposes, and each writing piece may look very different. Writing may take the form of a list, letter, poster, story, etc.  Students will have a writing notebook, which they will use for both formal and informal writing throughout the year. Writing will also take place in your child's Science Notebook, Math Journal and Reading Response Journals.  Students will experience writing within several different genres (personal narrative, research, story-writing, poetry, etc...).  They will also be instructed in the writing traits (focus, content, style, organization, and conventions).
    You may hear students talk about a TDA (text dependent analysis) response.  This type of writing is an evidence-based response to a prompt based on text that they have read. 

    We practice grammar and editing skills, using  “Daily Language Review (DLR)"  activities. Students are required to locate errors within sentences, use proofreading marks to correct the errors, then re-write the sentences correctly.  The Daily Language Reviews are useful in the instruction and evaluation of grammar and writing mechanics.  We also work through individual units of study in grammar, such as sentence type, construction, and parts of speech.

    At the fourth grade level, the purpose of spelling instruction is to foster the use of correct spelling within written communication. Children will receive lists of spelling words that each practice a specific sound, blend, spelling rule, or word family.  We will complete activities to practice these words.  Spelling will be evaluated through the use of the DLR, written expression, spelling activities, and traditional testing.

    Independent Reading

    The students are required to read and respond independently to at least two chapter books each quarter. Minimum page expectations and requirements for the book responses are sent home with the students during the first week of school.

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