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    NOTE on the Monthly Reading Homework Chart (to begin in Oct):

    It is a homework requirement to read at least 20 times each month for at least fifteen minutes each time.  A calendar will be coming home at the beginning of each month (starting in October) to record this reading time. The calendars have a column where students should record the start time and end time of their reading session.  There is also a column for them to show the total time for that reading period.  The students must fill out this chart in order for it to be accepted.
    Parents, one of our math goals this year is for children to be able to figure elapsed time.  The above-mentioned reading calendar is one place where students can practice finding elapsed time.  This is why we want them to show the exact starting & finishing time of their reading session.  Please support your child in doing this, if necessary.  Fourth graders tend to have a lot of difficulty calculating elapsed time, so any help that you can provide with these calculations would be wonderful!  :-)  

    The comic strip for book #2 in the 4th marking period is due May 31st.

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