Who is Mrs Heff?

  • “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.”

    ~ Dr. Seuss


    Moments are always coming and going, so it’s sometimes hard to tell how important a moment is until it has past. They say hindsight is 20/20 and that’s because as you go through life it becomes clear which moments shape your life and which ones don’t. Some big moments are easy to see the value, while others might not seem important at the time, but later you’ll find out that’s when everything changed. I try to appreciate and capitalize the moments of each day. One very important aspect I am truly grateful for is my family. I am a very proud mother of a beautiful little girl named Munrowe. She was born February 11th, 2016. My husband is an amazing person (and father) who makes me smile and laugh every day. He is so supportive and inspires me to do my best. I look forward to sharing my life experiencing new journeys with Mr. Heffelfinger and Munrowe each and every day.

    I grew up in a loving household with a hardworking and dedicated mother and father. I have a strong and inspiring older sister, a brainy and fun twin brother, and a loyal and motivated younger sister. We support one another and love when we are able to spend time together to reconnect and create everlasting memories.

    I graduated from Bloomsburg University with a B.S. degree in Elementary Education grades K-6. I completed, with honors, my Masters Degree in Education as of 2013 from Cabrini College. I am fortunate to teach fifth grade at Weisenberg Elementary with the following amazing teachers: Mr. Kitz, Mrs. Hafner, and Mrs. Gasper. 

    I love to laugh and experience the most out of each day.  Living an active lifestyle is very important to me.   I am an avid disc golf player and enjoy competing in tournaments throughout the United States.  I try to play every day (weather permitting).   Rock climbing, working out, hiking, and yoga are some of the activities I engage in weekly.  I love performing and listening to music as well.  Playing the trumpet, baritone, flugelhorn, and guitar is part of my musical background.  I have a passion for art and creative problem solving too.  

    I truly believe that you learn something new every day.  My advice is to take time to reflect on what you've learned.  Learning is a life long experience. I often ask myself, 'What did I learn today'?