Legal Clip Art/Giving Credit

  • cat and dog in library 

    Doing a research project?  Be sure to give credit to your resources and use "legal" clip art and images! 

    Here's how!

    Using "legal" clip art and images:

    When using Google Images, click on "Advanced Image Search".

    Go to the bottom of the page and click the drop down menu for "Usage Rights" and choose "labeled for reuse".  The search results are "free" for you to use!

    Or, try these websites with "legal" images to use:


    School Clip Art

    Open Photo

    WP Clipart

    Giving Credit to Your Resources:

    Son of Citation Machine is a great tool to help you give credit to where you got your facts and photos.  Simply choose your resource type (print or non-print) and choose your type of resource (book, magazine, encyclopedia, web article or image).  Then fill in the blanks!  Give it a try:

    Son of Citation Machine Home Page

    Or, try these commonly used resources:

    How to cite a BOOK

    How to cite an ENCYCLOPEDIA

    How to cite an ONLINE ENCYLOPEDIA

    How to cite a WEB BASED IMAGE


    **See the picture at the top of the page?  Here's how to cite it:

    "Cat and Dog in Library." WP Clipart. Web. 8 Nov 2010.