Budget Forum Thank You

  • Dear Students, Community and Staff Members,

    Thank you for attending the Community Budget Forum on April 5, 2011. More than 630 people attended in person and over 100 people participated through our live streaming option to hear information on the 2011-12 budget. The presentation included financial information,  Act 1 index background, and some facts on mandatory and non-mandatory programs.

    I appreciate the respect that was displayed during the presentation and comment period. Your willingness to take a public stand to support programs and to address ways for the District to meet the educational and economic challenges we face was commendable. Your understanding of and input to our budget and educational process is a critical component in working together for our children, and your participation in the Budget Forum was a good start.

    As citizens of the Northwestern Community and this great Country, we are facing unprecedented times and challenges. Education has been and will continue to be the backbone of making America a great place to live; however, we need to find ways to provide a quality education in a fiscally responsible manner. The democratic process, including listening to the voices of our citizens, is fundamental to our success. You offered many good, valid suggestions for us to consider as we find ways to make our budget work and continue to provide quality educational programs for our children. Your suggestions were reassuring for us that our community cares about education and recognizes that we must be fiscally responsible in providing educational opportunities. Some of your suggestions have already been implemented, others are in process of being implemented, and some are great suggestions for long range planning for our future.

    Mrs. Frisbie, our business administrator, gave an updated budget presentation at the April 14, 2011 School Board Meeting. If you review that document you will see that we have made some inroads to reducing the $2 million deficit. As mentioned at the April 5th meeting in response to a question about salary freezes, we are currently meeting with teachers discussing wage options. As you review this document, please remember we will continue to refine the budget as more accurate information becomes available and as we are able to continue to reduce expenses.

    The proposed final budget will be presented at the May 11th Board Meeting, and the final version of the budget will be presented for final approval at the June 15th Board Meeting. You can hear the budget presentations by attending the meetings held in the District Administrative Offices or by watching online through the live streaming of the meetings. The link for the live streaming can be found on the School Board page of our website.

    Once again, thank you for attending!

    Mary Anne Wright
    Superintendent of Schools