9th grade Fitness

  • Grading Policy:

    Participation/Effort – 20%

                Characterized by the following:

    -   Complete attendance of no more than 3 absences

    -   Proper attire (T-shirt with sleeves, gym shorts, sweats, socks and sneakers, etc.)

    -   Actively involved in ALL fitness classes (start of class to the conclusion)

    -   Attendance:  All students are required to be on time entering and exiting the gym or locker rooms.  If any student is absent for/or misses more than 3 classes in one marking period, the absences must be made up.  If the student does not attend the scheduled make-up times, he/she will receive a 2.5 deduction off of their final grade for each absence beyond 3.  An absence deemed Unexcused by the office will also result in a 2.5 point deduction for the date(s) assigned.  Official doctor’s medical notes and school-sponsored sporting events are legal excuses.

    -   Medical Excuses:  Any injury or illness that results in missed class periods will require a doctor’s note with excused dates and a list of permitted activities, if any.

    -   Nurse:  Students must report to their fitness instructor before going to the nurse’s office.  A pass card is required.  The nurse will notify the instructor in case of emergencies.


    Skill Assessment – 20%

    Characterized by demonstrating the proficiency of all skills during each activity.  Please review the accompanying Fitness Grade Rubric on the following page.


    Sportspersonship/Attitude – 20%

                Characterized by the following:

    -                         Proper conduct

    -                         Proper use of language

    -                         Encouragement of fellow classmates

    -                         Assisting students and teacher

    -                         Enthusiastic and positive attitude

    -                         Goal Setting


     Completion of Standards/Notebooks – 20%

    Characterized by completing notebooks, demonstration speeches, essays, homework assignments, etc.


     Tests – 20%

    Characterized by the knowledge and comprehension of all activities/units.

    TOTAL 100%

    Deductions will be taken for the following:

    -      Misconduct

    -      Unsportsperson-like Conduct

    -      Disruptive Language

    -      Unexcused Absence(s)

    -      Any absence after the 3rd excused absence will result in a deduction of -2.5 off of the student's final grade

    -      Confrontational Attitude

    -      Jewelry/Safety (The Northwestern Lehigh Wellness and Fitness Department follows the same guidelines established by the P.I.A.A.)

    -      Inappropriate Dress


    *  Participation in the auxiliary gym/weight room will be observed by video surveillance.  Damaging/abusing school equipment will be dealt with according to school policy.