Language Arts (Integrated Curriculum)

  • Reading

    • Stories are grouped by theme:
    • The stories are read in class and may be assigned for homework as a reread.  This may be done independently or shared with an adult depending on the ability of your child.  Reviewing the story elements during the reread is helpful in improving comprehension. (characters, setting, problem, events, solution)
    • Vocabulary, comprehension, retelling, listening, and speaking activities are incorporated into instruction with each story.

    Guided Reading

    • Students will read stories and complete activities using leveled texts.  The students will be grouped with others on similar levels.
    • Flexible grouping will be used and may change throughout the year depending on need.
    • The groups will be teacher lead.

    Writing (Expressive, Language/Grammar, Spelling)

    • Writers Workshop is our main instruction technique where students will be using a folder to keep their writing pieces.
    • Editing skills, grammar, and spelling are all practiced with Daily Language Activities (DLA).
    • Spelling tests will be given weekly.


    • Manuscript handwriting will be reviewed for the first half of the year.  We will be doing approximately two letters per week. 
    • Cursive handwriting will be introduced during the second half of the school year. All lovewrcase letters will be taught first followed by the uppercase letters.