Calculator Policy

  •   The Department of Mathematics at Northwestern Lehigh High School have established the following policy regarding the use of calculators in the mathematics classroom: 

        All of our courses actively integrate graphing calculator technology with the traditional curriculum. The TI-83/TI-83 Plus is the model that most teachers will use in the classroom on the overhead projector for demonstration purposes. Students who purchase other brands or models risk being at a disadvantage in the classroom setting. The TI-83/TI-83 Plus model will be adequate for all of a student’s studies during their high school years because these calculators will last for all four years.  When new technology for the calculator is developed, students can download an upgrade from the Texas Instruments web page free of charge.  

        While the calculator is an invaluable tool for studying mathematics, there will be times when the instructor deems that a particular topic or skill is more appropriately investigated and assessed without the use of a calculator. In particular, while recognizing the inherent mathematical power of the computer algebra systems on the TI-92 and the TI-89, the Departments reserve the right to disallow the use of the TI-92, TI-89 or any similarly capable computing machine in some circumstances and on some quizzes, tests, or final exams. 

        During quizzes, tests, or final exams it is particularly important that each student have his or her own calculator. The student should be thoroughly familiar with the operation of the calculator he or she plans to use on a quiz, test, or final exam. Calculators may not be shared during a quiz, test, or final exam and communication between calculators is prohibited during quizzes, tests, or final exams. 

        Some of the latest calculator technology provides students with the ability to import, store, and hide games. If a student is found playing game at an inappropriate time during class, we reserve the right to remove the inappropriate materials by clearing the memory of the calculator.