• Lesson plans are kept manually on paper.  All Students are given a planner or agenda book at the beginning of the school year.  This is a great way to stay organized and to learn organizational skills.  Canvas Instructure organized classes also have a calendar that is populated automatically when I create the assignment and or establish due dates.  

    I have decided it is more efficient for me to keep the lesson plans on paper.  If you miss a class, see a classmate and/or touch base with me when other classmates are working on a current assignment and / or over flex as appropriate.   

    Even though I am keeping lessons plans on paper, I like to use Learning Management Systems quite heavily to make sure class materials are available 24/7 as well as instructions on assignments, etc.  Just log into your course.  

    Additional resources students should log into for my classes are:

    • Blackboard (No longer available, so will be updating course content in Canvas Instructure over time.)
    • Canvas Instructure (All Courses, certain assignments) will be primary LMS for Fall 2014
    • Aplia (Accounting I) 
    • Careercruising (Junior Seminar)
    • CollegeBoard (Junior Seminar)
    Very often assignments are organized with currently material listed for easy access 24/7.  

    If coursework is in Canvas Instructure please log in at: https://blendedschools.instructure.com/login