Setup and 1st Prints

  • They printers finally have arrived!! It was like Christmas for geeks at NWLHS as word spread and students gathered to see the famous printers finally here and in action. Below is some memorialization of the first days of the printers and some of the first products to come off the line as we tested, calibrated, and just plain marveled in this technology. Be sure to stop by my room to see the printer and hold some of the objects that were created.

    Ready for unpacking, setup, and testing!!

    The printer setup and ready to go!!

    Getting ready to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) ahead!!!

     It's fun just to watch it work!!

    I think the 1st couple of prints turned out really well. Still trying to get it all dialed in.


    Although I'm really impressed with some of the detail that is already coming out of the printer!!