Large Format Printing

  • HP T120 Large Format Printer


    The ability to print in a large format allows students and faculty to create posters and other graphic media that can be printed in the scale and color that enhances the finished product. 

    This printer is capable of printing:

    • 24" inch wide prints using roll paper
    • Regular color pages using the sheet feeder
    • Prints in color (4-color)

    • Digitally designed projects (as opposed to poster-board).
    • Content specific posters for classroom.
    • Student poster presentations.
    • Large format hallway graphics/advertisements.
    • CAD designs, interior design, architectural drawings, etc. 

    Hints for use:

    • Make sure everything looks correct in print-preview BEFORE you hit print!
    • Make sure you use LARGE graphics to prevent images from printing pixilated. 
    • Be sure to zoom in on the PowerPoint templates or Word docs to be sure you see your design at 100% scale.
    • Make sure that the slide size AND the paper size are set to the size that represents the poster you are trying to print!
    • Keep in mind the color limitations when designing, this is not a photo-printer!
    • PowerPoint has a maximum page size of 56.” Therefore, if you need a poster that is longer than 56”, set the page size in PowerPoint to exactly half of the finished poster size. We will enlarge it 200% when printing. For example, if the final poster size should be 24” x 72”, set up the file to 12” x 36” and instruct us to enlarge it by 200%. 
    Please see Mr. Smoyer if you have questions about using the printer in the STEAM Lab or email-me if you want to send me something you want printed!


    24x24 Poster

    24x30 Poster

    24x40 Poster

    24x30 Poster Session Template

    This item and many others in the STEAM Lab have been made possible by generous donations by the Northwestern Lehigh Education Foundation, THANK YOU!!


    In order to help users design their projects the following templates have been made available:

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