Silhouette Studio Cutter

  • Silhouette Studio Cutter


    The Silhouette cutter is designed to be able to cut thin materials such as paper, card stock, thin fabric, etc. It can also be used to cut specialty material such as adhesive vinyl, heat transfer material, etc.

    The items to be cut can be designed in almost any program you want or graphics obtained from the web can be used. The Silhouette Studio software allows you to trace and image and have it cut. Keep in mind that it image will only be a silhouette image (positive or negative space). 

    This cutter is capable of:

    • Cutting from paper or card stock.
    • Cutting speciality material such as vinyl.
    • Putting pens in for line drawing.
    • Using stencils in conjunction with glass etching kits, etc. 
    • The cut area is 12" wide and can accept nearly any length. 
    • Cutting paper shapes for projects.
    • Cutting stencils to use for painting, drawing, or cutting thicker material. 
    • Cut vinyl decals for laptops, notebooks, windows, etc. 
    • T-shirt design for clubs
    Hints for use:

    • When searching for graphics to use try searching with the word silhouette. 
    • Chose objects where you can trace any inside areas that need to be cut. 
    • Remember depending on your application (ie vinyl) your image will need to be mirrored before cutting!

    Please see Mr. Smoyer if you have questions about using the cutter in the STEAM Lab or email-me if you want to send me something you want cut!


    Custom STEAM Lab Window Vinyl

    Custom Decal created by Elijah Helzer

    Vinyl Samples

    This item and many others in the STEAM Lab have been made possible by generous donations by the Northwestern Lehigh Education Foundation


    The software for the Silhouette Cameo cutter is available at the link below. It is FREE to download and use. There is also a copy on the STEAM Lab laptop for individual use.