Magic 1089

  • Here is a great little trick I discovered a while ago that is simple to do and can make people thing you are really smart at math!! This is another number trick that allows you to "guess" what someone's number is going to be before they even begin!

    Follow the steps below to make 1098. After you've tried it then click on explanation on the left hand side and read about how it works!

    1. Have them pick a 3-digit number where the digits decrease. (ie. 543)
    2. Then reverse the digits to make a new number. (ie. 345)
    3. Then subtract this from the original number (ie. 543-345 = 198)
    4. Take this number and reverse the new number. (ie. 891)
    5. Add the two numbers in steps 3 and 4. Notice the result?