3D Printing

  • 3D Printing


    3D printing is where our MAKER movement began! 3D printing is an example of additive manufacturing where plastic is heated until it's melting point and extruded down in layers to create a 3D part. Our 3D printing capabilities have expanded over the last several years and we have several different models and capabilities available. 

    The 3D printers are capable of:

    • Making 3-dimensional objects for almost any discipline. 
    • Items can range from the simple artistic, scale models, or working parts or prototypes.  
    • The uses are almost limitless!
    • The printers have already been used to create functional pieces of the lab (mounts, holders, etc.)
    • They have been used in the creation of parts for the Science Team. 
    • Mathematical models, robots, adapters, etc. have also been printed. 
    Hints for use:
    • The most common program we have used for 3D design is Google Sketchup. Put in a tech-help request if you would like it installed on your computer!
    • Remember that each print will be done in layers, that means your model cannot have features that span into open space!
    • The general rule of thumb is that 45 degrees is the slope that items must transition without support. 
    • Small gaps (bridges) can be accomplished under the right conditions. 

    Please see Mr. Smoyer if you have questions about designing for or using the 3D printers in the STEAM Lab or email-me if you want to send me something you want printed!

    This item and many others in the STEAM Lab have been made possible by generous donations by the Northwestern Lehigh Education Foundation


    Below are links to the Google Sketchup software as well as a site called Thingiverse which is a repository for 3D models that others have created.