Take Home Exam Submission Guidelines

  • The following are the guidelines for submission for the attached Take Home Exam. Your assignment will NOT be accepted until these guidelines are met. The student is responsible for any/all late points incurred due to assignments not being accepted. Please see Mr. Smoyer BEFORE the due date if you have any questions.

    • All numbered and letters parts of the assignment must be submitted neatly in order including any drawings or graphs.

    • Any work changed or deleted should be erased completely NOT crossed out.

    • All work must be done on separate notebook paper and not the exam itself.

    • The steps involved in solving the problem must be correct and complete. Leaps of faith and “calculator” work is unacceptable.

    • The final submission needs to be neat, orderly, and complete to be considered for full grading. Rewriting the final copy to meet these guidelines is encouraged.