Take Home Exam Honor Code

Each time you submit a Take Home exam you will be asked to pick up and sign a statement acknowledging the following:

I hereby swear that the work done on this assignment is my own and I have not given nor received aid that is inappropriate for this assignment. I understand that by the school code, violation of these principles will lead to a zero on this assignment.

This serves as a reminder that above all things we are students of academia and hold our academic integrity in the highest regard. Assignments that take place outside of the classroom are very different then inside so below are some guidelines to help you navigate that path.

The following are NOT acceptable behaviors for an out of class assignment:

  • Copying someone else's work of any kind.
  • Dividing the work so student A does problem one, student B does problem two and then you simple share the results.
  • Trying to get take homes, tests, or notebooks from previous AP Calculus students.
  • Using the internet to find problems. (You can use it for resources but not full problems)
  • Asking another teacher, student, online resource to help you with the assignment while misrepresenting that it is a graded, individual assignment.