Drop Off Detection

  • If we can program the bot to sense an object in front of the path it's currently on we should be able to use the same logic to find if there is NOTHING in the path of the bot such as no ground to roll on! A modification of using the IR sensors and a change to point them down will allow us to use them to detect if there is ground under the bot to move forward. 

    We will start to test this project by using black tape to create a "false" nothing in front of it and see if the bot reacts to stop before crossing the tape. The next step will be to be brave and actually try it on top of a desk or table top! Hopefully the bot survives to play another day!

    NOTE: I didn't put any audio in this video clip because I think the commentary between Emma and Natalie is fantastic!! While the bot doesn't perform flawlessly, you can hear them discussing why and discussion tweaks that could be made to the program to make it better. The sensors aren't flawless and they did a great job discussing that and ways to make it work better!!

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