Mock Election 2016

  • Preparations are underway for the 2016 NWLHS Mock Election. This page will provide the results from the election so the data can be used through various groups throughout the District.

    Polling will take place using a Raspberry Pi computer connected to a touchscreen and housed in in a custom designed laser cut enclosure. There is custom designed Python program on the Raspberry Pi that runs the touchscreen menu system and the results of each vote are uploaded automatically to a Google Spreadsheet. 

    A significant amount of formulas were then programmed into the spreadsheet so that 50 different charts are then automatically generated that break down the various demographic information about the NW results. In addition, there is a spreadsheet that will be available after the election that will compare the data to the 2012 election.

    The enclosures for the voting machines were prototyped several times using the laser to cut the design out of cardboard before the final version was ready for production. There were several iterations that eventually lead to the finished design complete with tiger paws and the STEAM logo.


    The final version was cut from 1/8" baltic birch plywood that cuts very well in the laser and creates a beautiful burnt finish on the areas that are cut out.





    The video below gives you a look into the final process of cutting out the enclosures on the STEAM Lab's laser cutter!

    Another Raspberry Pi is also being run on the TV in the HS lobby. This website was hand-coded to display the data on this TV and will be updated as election results come in. The webpage automatically refreshes so students can see the updates to the election at the change of classes. 

    (Note this data is sample only and does not reflect actual results)