Hour of Code

  • In December of the 2015-2016 school year I am hoping to expand our participation in the Hour of Code event organized by Code.org. This is a worldwide event that aims to get as many students as possible learning a bit of code. The ability to read and write code is an essential 21st century skill that right now is wildly underrepresented in our schools across the country. The statistics show that far too few students are getting exposed to coding during their school careers and consequently far too few students are selecting that major in college. Giving the prevalence of software and apps in our daily lives this is a global problem. 

    According to the founder of Code.org:

    "The Hour of Code is designed to demystify code and show that computer science is not rocket-science, anybody can learn the basics," said Hadi Partovi, founder and CEO of Code.org. "Over 100 million students worldwide have tried an Hour of Code. The demand for relevant 21st century computer science education crosses all borders and knows no boundaries."

    Stay tuned for further updates as I try and plan this out. My hope is to collaborate and make this a decent sized event this year! Feel free to contact me with questions!