• Things don't always go the way we expect them to go. I strong knowledge of the mathematics behind what we are using the calculator for is always key! However, when things go wrong and you are using the calculator to assist you it's important to know how to get yourself out of trouble. Use this section of the site to help you diagnose common problems that occur when using the calculator. Find common error messages and what they mean!!

    I tried to graph something in my calculator but I get an error message that says "ERR: INVALID DIM" and it won't display the graph.

    Solution: Most likely when this happens and you are trying to graph a simple "y-equals" equation it is because you have one or more "plots" enabled. To solve this problem press 1 to quit the error message and then go back into the y-equals menu. If you look at the top row of the screen there is likely one of the three plots that are highlighted. The screen shot below shows what this would look like when one is highlighted.

    To turn the plot off move the cursor until the plot you are working with is blinking and then press ENTER. When you move the cursor away none of the plots should be highlighted. It should now be ok to press GRAPH again to see the function.