Sabbatical Information

  • Sabbatical for Professional Development:
    • The Northwestern Lehigh School District Board of Directors supports sabbatical leave for professional development and classroom occupational exchange leaves for eligible employees.
    • Professional Development Leave is defined as a leave of absence granted for the purpose of improving professional competency or obtaining a professional certificate or commission. Such leave shall be directly related to an employee's professional responsibilities as reviewed by the Superintendent and approved by the Board and be restricted to activities required by state regulation or law.
    • The requests for Sabbatical for Professional Development are due to the Human Resources Department by April 1st.

    Sabbatical for Restoration of Health:

    • The Northwestern Lehigh School District Board of Directors supports the District’s sabbatical leaves for restoration of health for eligible employees. A restoration of health leave must be supported by medical certification.
    • The Director of Human Resources shall pre-approve the restoration of health leave and recommend the action to the Board. The Board shall grant sabbatical leaves to eligible administrative, supervisory and professional employees for the purpose of restoration of health and for other purposes at the discretion of the Board.

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