CNC Cutting/Engraving

  • CNC Cutting/Engraving


    The laser cutter is another example of CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) equipment in the the STEAM Lab that uses a rotary cutting bit to cut or engrave materials such as wood, acrylic, plastics, and more! This is an example of subtractive manufacturing (the opposite of 3-D printing). 

    The CNC router is capable of:
    • Cutting out objects from sheet material or engraving into objects that have a flat surface. 
    • Items can range from the simple artistic, scale models, or working parts or prototypes. 
    • Can be used to cut or engrave materials for assembled parts or projects. 
    • It can be used to carve signage and displays. 
    • Can be used to cut materials for labs or projects.  
    Hints for use:
    • Items can be designed in a simple web-based program called Easel (linked below). 
    • Graphics can be scanned and traced to be added to designs. 
    • Multiple materials can be combined to create interesting and functional projects.
    Please see Mr. Smoyer if you have questions about designing something to be cut or engraved in the STEAM Lab or email-me if you want to send me something you want cut or engraved!




    This item and many others in the STEAM Lab have been made possible by generous donations by the Northwestern Lehigh Education Foundation