Healthy/Safe Schools Initiative

  • The Healthy/Safe Schools Initiative is the 2nd year of applied mathematics projects that began with the Green Schools Initiative established in the spring of 2009. We were again looking for a way to apply some of the topics we learned in class to solve a real world problem. Math is a set of skills and a training in logical thinking that can be used to solve everyday problems and make the world a better place. To build on that fact about 20 students in the class were asked to answer the following prompt:

    What initiatives could the Northwestern Lehigh School district implement to promote a healthy and safe school environment as well as student, staff, and population?

    Students were in charge of collecting data, running calculations, making predictions and then organizing the data in charts, graphs, tables, a paper, and a powerpoint presentation that was presented in front of their peers, administration, and fellow science and math teachers in the building.

    After seeing how the research we did helped to influence the Northwestern Community following the Green Schools Initiative I knew we had to do another project to put math to the test. We are thrilled to know that some of our ideas and data was considered in the construction projects of 2009-2010 in various buildings in the district. With the goals we hope to accomplish changes that will not only help how we manage our school but manage the most important aspect of the school...the people.

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